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Why Hotslings?

There’s Beauty in Versatility Whether working in the home office or dining in a downtown café, these slings strike just the right balance. The bold prints and vibrant colors allow you to move effortlessly from day to night, and from casual to cosmopolitan.Hotslings Baby Carriers Choose a style that’s avant garde or stick to the simply chic - either way, you’ll have a look that’s pulled straight from the studios of the fashion vanguard. Wrapped in exquisite cotton sateen fabric, you’ll feel as elegant as you look.

Change is the Only Constant Celebrate the nature of life by giving yourself the freedom to change. Our reversible slings give you the choice between classic and contemporary, solid and sophisticated, pattern and… well, you get the idea. It’s two slings in one and it’s one of our most popular collections.

Modern Dads Know that Real Men Sling Today’s dad is as caring as he is confident. He wears many hats, and he works just as hard at parenting as he does at everything else. Now, we don’t sell hats - but we do have a men’s sling collection that features rich, masculine colors and comfortable but durable fabrics. The classic look of these slings means that mom and dad can pack just one and take turns on cuddle duty.

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Baby The Hotslings Baby travels in style, plays with abandon and rests with complete bliss.
Parent The Hotslings Parent nurtures relationships while navigating life with stylish ease.
Family The Hotslings Family is modern, active, comfortable and close.

Dedicated to being on the cutting edge of fashion, Hotslings brings a fresh perspective to traditional baby and parenting accessories. As the Original fashion sling manufacturer, our brand values design, fashion, comfort and simplicity. Our vision is finely tuned to reflect the unique mix of timeless and trendy that modern parents desire.

Originality & Quality Each Hotslings print is a one of a kind, guaranteeing that Hotslings designs will not be found on any other product.
Fashion & Trends Our seasonal collections hold true to the colors of the runway as our team travels the globe researching the latest trends.